I've got some my biggest smallmouth bass on 4" Berkley Powerbait Grub. I usually go with green pumpkin or peanut butter and jelly colors, but I'm guessing just about any color will work on smallmouth bass during spring time on Lake St. Clair. The lake can kind of the murky during spring time, so that's why I prefer darker colored baits. Most fishermen say, bass prefer darker colored soft plastics in murky/ muddy waters.

A big plus with the 4" Berkley Powerbait Grub, is the scent it gives off. For quite some time Berkley, has come out with another version called Gulp. Now they make a four inch minnow that works great for smallmouth bass. But a find that the 4" Berkley Powerbait twister tail grubs work the best during spring time at Lake St. Clair. The smallmouth Bass just can't resist the scent, action of the soft bait, and these darker colors I throw at them. Usually I will go with just a 3/8 ounce unpainted jig head. Some people like Gamakatsu jig head hooks, they are super sharp, but their barbs don't keep fish on for me. So I go with Matzuo jig head hooks, the hooks have a decent sharpness, they have really good barbs, but I must admit the wire is rather weak. But hey, you can't have everything! Mustad and Eagle Claw are other great hooks to try. When I get some more money, I just plan to pour my own jig heads.

Well for the presentation, you can see in my video that I jig the Berkley Powerbait Grub with a medium powered jerk. On the really slow days, you might want to try a slow jerk to your jig. You'll find that after you cast, sometimes fish will hit the soft plastic bait when its dropping through the water, just remember to set the hook strongly!

In the beginning of the spring, I'll fish the break walls. The smallmouth bass seem to be stacked up there, but come mid-spring, the smallmouth bass starting had out deeper into the water. This is when things are off the chain, mid-spring is usually some the best smallmouth bass fishing. On Lake St. Clair, we've caught up to 100 smallmouth bass in just one day. Just remember that it's catch and release season, so get these fish back in the water as quickly and safely as possible.

And where they're smallmouth bass, you know the muskie and northern pike aren't too far behind. These bigger predator fish, can be rather challenging to reel in when jig fishing. Both pike and muskie can easily inhale the 4" Berkley Powerbait Grub, which leaves nothing but their teeth to easily cut your fishing line. Just remember, sometimes you might think you have a smallmouth bass on, but really it's a muskellunge. So sometimes you have to real up with sort of carefulness. With other bait such as crankbaits, spinner baits, and spoons. These baits easily get caught up in their teeth of their mouth and usually don't get inhaled like jigs, so you don't have to worry as much with these other lures. Just remember with jigs you do!

Other fishermen I talked to, said they had luck with Berkley Powerbait Twin Tail Grubs, so you can give those a try too. Tube jigs I haven't used much, but I know some fishermen swear by them! But what it comes down to for me, 4" Berkley Powerbait Grub is my favorite soft plastic bait for spring smallmouth bass fishing, hands down. Maybe one day I'll get these others a try too.