I have been using Berkley Powerbait for over a decade now, I can tell you that it still outperforms any soft plastic bait to date. Whether it be bass fishing for largemouth or smallmouth, soft plastic baits such as the Double Tail Powerbait Grub or the 4 inch Power Worm are just as effective today as they were 10 to 15 years ago. One things for sure, Powerbait works and there is no other soft plastic bait like it. As the saying goes, fish bite and won't let go! I find that Berkley Powerbait works in all four seasons, it's highly effective in spring time when bass are spawning and fall when bass are feeding. If you're looking for one particular fishing lure that will work for all occasions, this is it, I guarantee that Berkley Powerbait will work in any body of water: inland lakes, large lakes, rivers, canals, and ponds. Pick up a sack of Berkley Powerbait now for one low price!

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