Looking to do a little smallmouth bass fishing and you live in Michigan, well don't forget about Lake St. Clair. Dubbed America's best bass fishing Lake in 2012 by bassmasters, the lake is not only home to some really big smallmouth bass, but also a huge population. Whether it be from the goby population feeding the smallmouth bass or just a great natural habitat in the lake, it doesn't really matter. The fishing is great and the smallmouth bass are here to stay. Ever since I was a young boy I can remember catching big bass on lake, I was always astonished of how strong the species of fish can fight. A big smallmouth bass and even a small smallmouth bass can give you a run for your money.

Great baits to use on Lake St. Clair. For bass fishing are Berkley Powerbait and Gary Yamamoto Senkos. You'll definitely find out that certain spots in Lake St. Clair are better than others, but overall the lake is highly populated with smallmouth bass and you'll catch one just about anywhere. And if you have your own boat, reaching your limit is no problem. So if you're looking for a good smallmouth Bass Lake in Michigan, don't pass up Lake St. Clair. A lot of good fishing spots off land in cities such as St. Clair Shores and Grosse Pointe. Locate the deep water and you will locate the smallmouth bass.

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