Since the 1930s Lauri Rapala has been making quality crankbaits. Rapala has built up a great reputation among bass fisherman all over the planet, not just the United States. Each Rapala crankbait holds a valuable key ingredient to catching big bass. Features such as the brilliant finish and vibrant colors help make the Rapala crankbait so effective on bass. Over the years Rapala has learned to perfect the body style and action of their crankbaits. When you cast a Rapala crankbait out, you know you have confidence in your fishing lure. Bass fishermen have won big fishing tournaments with these quality baits.

The Shad Rap and DT Series are among the many crankbaits that Rapala makes which are super effective on bass everywhere. The colors are unique to the custom body style, which in return make the crankbait a valuable tool in your tackle box. What else is there to say, the rapala name speaks for itself. It's a very versatile fishing lure and a must have product for your tackle box.

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