Lucky Craft crankbaits are overall a solid fishing lure. Professional bass fisherman Kelly Jordon swears by the lure, he's so entrusted with the brand he has his own specialized crankbait called the Lucky Craft Kelly Jordon KJ Flat crankbait. One of Kelly Jordon's favorite deep diving crankbaits is the Pearl Ayu color Lucky Craft D20. That's basically white with a little chartreuse and a darker greenish back. He says the largemouth bass go nuts over those colors in Lake Fork Texas. Lucky Craft crankbaits produce well with smallmouth bass too! I've talked with many anglers who fish the Great Lakes and say the smallies can't resist these crankbaits, such as the Lucky Craft Flat CB and Lucky Craft Moonsault.

If you've ever bought a Lucky Craft crankbait you know they aren't a cheap bait to buy. However many fishermen say the Lucky Craft brand is worth the extra money since Lucky Craft crankbaits produce more fish than many of the other brands on the market. This is a popular brand of bass baits in today's professional bass tournaments all around the states. You won't be disappointed if you're a big bass fisherman and you need an effective fishing lure for bass. Buy a Lucky Craft crankbait today and become a more effective bass fisherman out on the Lake. We carry both new and used Lucky Craft crankbaits, we have the cheapest prices around!

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