Cotton Cordell makes a superb crankbait for walleye, but many bass fishermen are finding out Cotton Cordell crankbaits work just as well on many species of bass, including smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. These fishing baits feature magical colors that lure in big bass that will help you win that next bass fishing tournament. Cotton Cordell legacy continues with crankbaits such as the Cotton Cordell Grappler Shad and the Cotton Cordell Big O, both feature an effective wiggle that simulates a bait fish in distress, an action that bass can't resist. It's in a bass's nature that they will just love Cotton Cordell crankbaits. An effective fishing bait that will work for all bodies of water: ponds, canals, rivers, inland lakes, and large body water lakes such as the Great Lakes. This is a great bass bait to have in your tackle box.

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