Most bass fisherman know that Gary Yamamoto Senkos are one of the most productive soft plastic baits to date. The remarkable action it gives off is priceless! You can rig it as a Carolina rig or drop shot rig, but Gary Yamamoto claims the best way to rig a Senko is weightless. Called wacky warming, going weightless with a Yamamoto Senko allows the soft bait to give off more action. Hook the Senko right in the middle and let the bait do the work, I can guarantee this soft plastic bait will be one of your most successful lures in your tackle box.

Many fishermen forget that Gary Yamamoto also makes other great soft plastic baits such as tubes and grubs. One of my favorites is the Yamamoto Double Tail Grub, as the bait is reeled through the water you get more action with the double twister tales. Some bass fisherman I've talked to claim Gary Yamamoto's Chub Tube and Go-To Tube work just as good as his Senko, so it would be worth giving those soft plastic baits a try.

It seems as though Yamamoto's whole lineup works very effectively on bass and that includes all species, both smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. So if you're looking for a dependable brand to go with, Gary Yamamoto soft baits are highly recommended.

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