Heddon is known for one major key ingredient in fishing, making dynamite topwater fishing lures for bass fishing. If you're having a hard time catching fish in weeded areas and shallow water, try slipping on one of Heddon's popular topwater fishing lures such as the Zara Spook. The Zara Spook is designed to catch big bass, as you twitch across the water you'll see the magic walking action the bait gives off, just seconds away of enticing a big bass into biting the bait. And when you thought Heddon has mastered the art of topwater fishing, they then come out with new versions of the Zara Spook, such as the rattlin spook, one knocker spook, and the super spook. You'll have to find out how each new top water fishing lure performs by trying them out at your favorite fishing spot, but I can tell you this, Heddon always lives up to their name.

I can guarantee you'll be pleased if you buy a Heddon crankbait. Other great topwater fishing lures Heddon makes are the Heddon Baby Torpedo, Heddon Lucky 13, and Heddon Crazy Crawler. All of these baits have proven themselves to catch fish. And I will tell you this, nothing is more exciting than topwater bass fishing. It can be a lot of work, reeling and twitching top water baits across the water. But once you see for yourself what it's like to see a big largemouth bass surface and jump of the water, I guarantee you'll be hooked into topwater fishing. It truly is a magnificent sight to see!!! Anyone who loves to fish, has to try topwater fishing with one of Heddon's fishing lures at least once in their lifetime.

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