blue catfish record lake palestineYou might've heard of Casey Laughlin record bass he caught at Lake Palestine. Well guess what, a fisherman just broke the blue catfish record on Lake Palestine as well. Seems as though fishing has been really hot at the lake. Johnny Ward caught this amazing fish, the blue catfish ended up weighing a total of 47.27 pounds. Scientists believe the big catfish started coming in after the lake's dam was enlarged after the 1970s. It took some time for the habitat the change, but within a decade or so, these big catfish started coming out of Lake Palestine.

record bass lake pflugervilleAbsolutely incredible, check out Jonathan Gray Jr.’s 10 pound 2 ounce record largemouth bass caught at Lake Pflugerville. Recently the Texas Parks and Wildlife officials have confirmed it as the record bass of the lake. The big bass ended up measuring 26 inches long, so it not only had girth but length as well. It's amazing bass fishermen are catching these big bass in these cold fronts. By the way did I mention that Jonathan Gray Jr. is only 14 years old, this youngster already has a lot to brag about for the new year. Look out Texas fishermen, we might have an upcoming bassmaster!

monster bass lake chickamaugaYou're looking at Tim Carini's monster bass that were caught at Lake Chickamauga this past Sunday. The two monster bass were part of the record 49-pound limit they caught at Lake Chickamauga. If Tim Carini and his friend had competed in the bass tournament, they would've took first place in the bass tournament and set a record for the biggest weigh-in ever! If you're going for big largemouth, Lake Chickamauga in Tennessee is it!

bassmaster classic guntersville lakeLocal guide Rogne Brown and client Tim Carini stunned the world this past Sunday with an incredible catch of five bass that weighed 49 pounds at Lake Chickamauga. It was her historical accomplishment and it shows how good bass fishing is for Lake Chickamauga, the lake needs more publicity, this is one of the ultimate bass fishing lakes in the country. Brown and Carini weren't competing in the tournament last Sunday, but if they were there were , they would of smashed every record in bass tournament history. The highest weight ever recorded in a Bassmaster tournament was 45 pounds, 2 ounces. It's just really too bad both for bass fishermen weren't competing in the tournament. Coming up this Friday, the famed Bassmaster Classic will begin. If this is what we have to look forward to, it's going to be very enticing to watch the bass tournament.

bass pro shopsNew Hampshire fishing fans, be aware that the Bass Pro Shops in Hooksett opens this Wednesday evening. There will be a celebration where all the proceeds will go towards benefiting Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire. The Bass Pro Shops store will be located at 2 Commerce Drive in Hooksett New Hampshire. Just like the other shops, it will combine entertainment, conservation, and outdoor education for fishing hunting, hiking, backpacking, camping and wildlife viewing. I guarantee the outdoorsmen in New Hampshire will be pretty excited about the opening.

big bass hausen bayMan oh man, there's some big bass coming out of Hausen Bay in Toledo Bend. Blake Carpenter out of Silsbee Texas, caught this 11.74-pound lunker! It's not as big as Jared Adams's big bass, but it's still one hell of a big bass. Despite the cold temperatures wrong through, big bass like these are still being landed at the Toledo Bend. In a few weeks, I think bass fishing down there is going to be prime time.

largemouth bass toledo bendJust incredible, check out the size of this 12.86-pound largemouth bass caught at the Toledo Bend on February 9th. Have you ever seen a bass so big? Seems like the largemouth bass are getting bigger each year in southern lakes. Jared Adams is the fisherman who caught this big bass! Jared likes to fish in both saltwater and freshwater, he fishes for bass in early spring, then afterwards starts to saltwater fish. Jared Adams favorite hotspot of the Toledo Bend consists of a secondary grassline on a hump of the edge of a creek near the Hausen area. Big largemouth bass are found in the area, because they transition early from the river into the Six Mile area, Hausen Bay and the Indian Mounds. So let this be a lesson for you, the bass coming out of Toledo Bend are humongous!

big walleye muskegon lakeSize of the walleye coming out of Muskegon Lake are amazing! Like Keith Diebel's 13 pounds four ounce walleye on the south side of the lake, look at the size of the girth and length of this fish. Right now is the perfect time of year to catch these big walleye! On fishing reports, ice fishermen are reporting that on the east side of Muskegon Lake, northern pike are biting like crazy. Even the north side is doing good well! Big pike are being caught on both tip-ups and jigging spoon lures.

lake istokpoga bassCheckout this six pound largemouth bass caught at Lake Istokpoga. These are the size of the bass coming out of the lake, absolutely incredible! Because of the big bass population at Lake Istokpoga, there's a tournament coming soon in March. Instead of a 3-fish or 5-fish limit, each angler will be going after the biggest bass in the tournament. You don't hear of too many tournaments run this way, this would be really fun bass tournament to attend, because really anyone can have a chance to win. Anyone competing in the bass tournament should probably running bigger baits, because the bigger the bait, bigger the fish theory usually tends to work the best! Entry fee will be $25 per person and three people will be able to fish out of one boat. The official date of the tournament will be on March 15th and time of the tournament will run from 7am - 2pm.

pennsylvania world record muskieMatt Forjohn will be accepted into the record books shortly after catching this huge Muskie out of the St. Lawrence River. He will be the record holder for the All-Tackle Length world record category. The big muskellunge measured in at 51.18 inches long and weighed nearly 50 pounds. The fish is absolutely incredible! The hot fishing lure Matt Forjohn caught the Muskie on was a 12-inch Swim Whizz lure. The muskie charity he was on was trolling near a shoal at Carleton Island, when the monster muskie hit!

st lawrence river muskie