underwater northern pike

Dozens of northern pike are being saved from their spring spawning grounds after the water levels have dropped in Suamico wetlands of Green Bay. See the northern pike went upstream into wetlands and ditches to spawn, but a small portion of these fish never made it out of these waterways. Teams from the DNR, Brown County Land Conservation, and UW-Green Bay used portable shocking equipment to flush out the fish and then transport them to a safe body of water to live. In all 41 northern pike were saved from the shallow waterways. I'm sure some fishermen will cringe after reading this article, as northern pike aren't favored much among fishing groups. If northern pike populations get out of hand, they can commit genocide on other species of fish such as trout and bass. Although the fish have worked up a bad name for themselves, the DNR still found it their hearts to keep these fish alive and allow them to live in the wild, which I think was the right thing to do.

suamico northern pike

shane mckee spotted record bassYou might remember the old post on Shane McKee's pending spotted bass record, well now the bass has been confirmed as the new spotted bass for Tennessee through DNA analysis. Shane McKee caught this monster bass out of Parksville Lake. There was debate on whether or not his fish would be considered a hybrid, however the fish is 100 percent Alabama spotted bass through the DNA analysis. It's just very rare that spotted bass get this big on their own. This bass is absolutely humongous!

bass tournament lake gilmerBettie Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting their spring bass tournament from 7am to 3pm at Lake Gilmer. This event will fall upon a Saturday, more than $1,000 in prizes will be given away along with a cool raffle for a NIB Springfield XDS 9mm pistol. Entry fee is $100 per team and fishing boat. And if you want to compete for the biggest bass of the tournament, there's an optional $10 fee. The live check-in begins at 5:30 am, for more information on this bass tournament, call (903) 790-1342. I'm sure there will be just as many policemen as firemen competing in the bass tournament, so expect a lot a good competition.

big bass from lake weohyakapkaDan Duchesne of Seffner caught this double-digit bass during a full moon on April 15th off of Walk-in-the-Water Lake Weohyakapka. A majority of bass have finished spawning at Lake Weohyakapka, however there are 10 pounders still being caught around isolated vegetation. These fish are still feeding quite a bit near bass beds, so it's a very vulnerable area for fishermen to target bass. Dan Duchesne bass was caught this bass during the Dixie Country Bass Club tournament, he was pitching a Zoom Trick Worm, when the bass slammed the soft plastic baits. The big largemouth bass are enough measuring 28 1/2 inches long with a 25-inch girth. But the big numbers came up after Duchesne put the bass on a scale, which weighed 12.95 pounds. It was quite an exciting fishing trip!

big northern pike picturesChris Duve of Dubuque, hoists a beautiful northern pike he caught from O’Leary’s Lake in Wisconsin. That morning the Pike were really biting, not like the last couple of days, where they kinda had lockjaw. The choice of bait, that seems to be catching these Pike quite well, is golden shiners. Many fishermen say, early April is a prime time to catch these monsters, as they try to feed on smaller fish such as bass and panfish. Spring time, they'll run all the way into the shallows, then by midsummer they'll be in deep water. However you will still find northern pike biting all year round in shallow water.

largemouth bass jumping waterWhat's more impressive than a huge largemouth bass jumping out of the water. Every time I go topwater fishing, it gets my adrenaline pumping, it's so amazing to see a bass jump out of the water. These fish are so graceful the see jumping out water. Sometimes you don't even have to be top waterfishing to see them jump, just reeling them in on crankbaits and jigs will do it, keep your rod tip up and you will see bass jump out of the water. I'm telling you, it's an incredible sight to see.

close up largemouth bassI've always been a fan of largemouth bass, the way they look it's just so warlike. I don't want to say these are bloodthirsty predators like the muskie and northern pike, but the largemouth bass is a friggin warrior! These fish kick ass, soon as I catch one, I always love to see the big black stripe across the side of their back, it looks so neat. Some of the best fishing lures I use on largemouth bass are the beetle spin spinnerbait and the bomber crankbait. This is such a beautiful fish, I'm glad mother nature created it.

smallmouth bass allegheny riverFisherman Dave Lockard, claims early spring is good time for bass fishing on Allegheny River. However, whether as a big role and early-season river fishing for smallmouth bass. Ideally, you want to look for a warm day to launch your boat or fish from the shoreline. Soon as that water temperature starts to raise, you'll immediately see smallmouth bass starting to hit. Lures of choice are twister tail jigs, tube jigs, and natural hair jigs. But sometimes you can get away with using jerkbaits slowly along with spinnerbaits. I always had a good run with the beetle spin in early spring time. I guarantee these fishing lures will work at the Allegheny River.

ray scotts trophy bass retreat

Ray Scott, formally known for creating Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.) and basically popularizing bass fishing in general, has created the world's best retreat for bass fishermen. Because of this organization, things such as the live well have been created to keep the bass alive after tournament. Now Scott has built the ultimate dream for bass fishing. Back in the 80s, Ray Scott bought a 200 acre tract, where he built three additional lakes around the property in the 90s. Now there is a beautiful lodge that allows bass fishermen to rent out lodging for the perfect vacation. Celebrities such as both George Bush senior and George Bush junior have fished at the retreat. I'll tell you what, if I ever hit the lottery, I know where I'm going!!! Anyone looking to experience the ultimate dream fishing vacation, head over to RayScottBassRetreat.com for pricing.

smallmouth bass gopro 3 blackYou're looking at the incredible five pound smallmouth bass I've caught fishing off of Lake St. Clair. This bass fought so incredibly impressive, I knew it was going to be a big fish. 5 pounds, maybe not so much, but I thought it was going to be a 3 or 4 pounder. I was so thankful I landed this fish, soon as I picked it up from the water, I had a feeling this is going to be my lucky 5 pounder. And guess what, it was! I caught the fish on a Bomber crankbait. I filmed my catch with a GoPro 3 Black camera, the best POV camera on the market. If you're looking the record your fishing trips, pick a GoPro 3 camera up, you won't be disappointed.