I put together this fabulous Michigan fishing video back in 2011. It's a compilation of bass, musky, walleye and northern pike we've caught over the years. Big largemouth bass from Kent Lake and smallmouth bass from Lake St. Clair. The humongous musky in the fishing video was caught from Lake St. Clair and the Metro beach area with a worm harness. Even though the southern states have some really good fishing down there for largemouth bass, I'm grateful for our spectacular smallmouth bass and musky. And although a lot of fisherman don't regard the northern pike as a beautiful fish, I love to catch them as well.

lake fork big largemouth bassSome of the largest bass in America are coming out of Lake Fork in Texas. It has become a world renowned bass fishing lake because of the trophy size bass. Take a glance at John Thompson's giant bass that weighed in at 11.04 pounds. Here's some bass fishing history for you, Lake Fork holds 15 of the top 20 state record largemouth bass in Texas. Lake Fork is so great for big black bass because of the initial Florida strain stockings by the Texas Parks and Wildlife, perfect fish habitat with structure, and a good supply of bait fish and panfish. The predominant food source for the largemouth bass this is shad, minnows, and crawfish. So if you're looking to get in the record books, Lake Fork is one of the lakes you need to fish at in your lifetime. You need to fish this lake at least once in your life, it is a blast!

lake fork texas big bass

Here's a great fishing video of me vertical jigging on the Detroit River for walleye. Vertical jigging can be an exciting way to fish for walleye. It doesn't involve any casting, so there's less impact on your joints. All you do is let your line out, let the jig hit the bottom of the river, then raise your fishing rod up and down, bouncing the jig right off the bottom of the river. And when you feel the walleye fish bite, set the hook by immediately jerking your rod tip up. You could be vertical jigging for a whole half an hour before you feel the fish bite, so you get to be ready to set the hook. The soft plastic bait I was using for this jig was Gulp Alive Minnows, in the black shad color. I've heard other colors such as emerald shiner, watermelon pearl, and smelt are good as well. So if you're looking to do some walleye fishing in the spring time in Michigan, give the Detroit River a try.

I tell you what, there's nothing more exciting than seeing a fish swim right up to your boat and biting your fishing lure. It's even more exciting when you find out that it's a Michigan musky. That's what happened when I was fishing near the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club with a Bomber Long A Crankbait in the gold prison black orange color. If you look closely in the video footage, right after the waves, you can see the Michigan musky swim right up to the boat and hit the fishing lure. It was almost like magic, after those beautiful freighter waves rolled in the magnificent musky hit. Musky are definitely one my favorite species of freshwater fish to catch here in Michigan. The Great Lakes are just filled with them, along with other smaller lakes such as Lake St. Clair and even inland lakes. Just hoping that one day I can catch the big one. This video footage was captured with the Go Pro HD camera, buy one yourself and capture awesome moments like these on your fishing expeditions.

photo little baby largemouth bassPhotos of little bass like this are cute, if you're an avid fisherman, chances are you're going to catch a little baby bass like this eventually. Best thing you can do is put back in the waters quick as possible, but I'm sure a photo doesn't hurt from your favorite high definition camera. It's amazing what happens sometimes in the wild, I've had largemouth bass bite fishing lures bigger than them. Doesn't really make any sense, but I guess when you're hungry it doesn't really matter. Every spring you'll see a ton of bass like this hatching from their eggs. Anyways, just thought I'd show this cute of this little baby largemouth bass.

If you're looking to buy one of the best crankbaits for bass fishing, look no further than the Bomber Model A crankbait. The company has been making crankbaits for decades, there colors are highly attractive to both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. And no matter what depth you're fishing in, Bomber makes a crankbait for both shallow and deep areas of the lake. I'm a fan of their deep diving Bomber Model 8A crankbait, this fishing where always puts bass in my boat. Come summer in Lake St. Clair when bass go deeper in the lake, it can be hard locating them. That's when you get a try deep diving crankbaits with a longer lip, the Bomber Model 8A crankbait is perfect for this occasion.

And talk about longevity, these plastic lures are very resilient to a fish's teeth and bouncing off structure. I still have Bomber crankbaits from 20 years ago. I've always been a fan of the perch color, paint scheme such as the fire tiger and brown chartreuse have always worked well for me. And if the bass aren't biting on those colors, I will switch to colors such as the tennessee had or foxy shad which has more of a minnow silvery color to them. If I was stranded on a desert island with only one brand of crankbait to fish with, it would definitely be the bomber brand crankbait. It never let you down and always catches fish.

Bomber crankbaits also work great on walleye, northern pike and muskie. As you see in the fishing video up above, my friend and I not only catch a bunch of smallmouth bass, but also a beautiful walleye as well. So if you're walleye fisherman, give the Bomber Model 8A crankbait a try, perfect for deeper water where walleye tend to lurk out in.

And here's a big tip for you!!! Bomber has discontinued some of their best color schemes from back in the day. I'm not happy about it, but that doesn't mean you can't still buy them. On eBay, fishermen are always selling old Bomber crankbaits, both vintage and few years old. So if you liked a color back in the day, try searching for it on there.

texas big bass picturesThe bass in Texas just seem to be getting bigger each year. Renee Linderoth caught this huge Florida strain largemouth bass at at Lake Conroe, near Houston Texas. The big bass ended up weighing 13.8 pounds on the fish scale. The fish was only caught into feet water on a Hula Grub, it must of been feeding on smaller fish such as bluegill and minnows, possibly smaller bass too. Because remember bass are also cannibal, not as aggressive as northern pike, but they will eat other smaller bass. Texas is definitely known for its largemouth bass fishing, it's amazing how big these fish will get. I congratulate Renee Linderoth on her catch, it's great to see more women fishing too, it's a sport and hobby for all ages and sexes.

Looking to do a little smallmouth bass fishing and you live in Michigan, well don't forget about Lake St. Clair. Dubbed America's best bass fishing Lake in 2012 by bassmasters, the lake is not only home to some really big smallmouth bass, but also a huge population. Whether it be from the goby population feeding the smallmouth bass or just a great natural habitat in the lake, it doesn't really matter. The fishing is great and the smallmouth bass are here to stay. Ever since I was a young boy I can remember catching big bass on lake, I was always astonished of how strong the species of fish can fight. A big smallmouth bass and even a small smallmouth bass can give you a run for your money.

Great baits to use on Lake St. Clair. For bass fishing are Berkley Powerbait and Gary Yamamoto Senkos. You'll definitely find out that certain spots in Lake St. Clair are better than others, but overall the lake is highly populated with smallmouth bass and you'll catch one just about anywhere. And if you have your own boat, reaching your limit is no problem. So if you're looking for a good smallmouth Bass Lake in Michigan, don't pass up Lake St. Clair. A lot of good fishing spots off land in cities such as St. Clair Shores and Grosse Pointe. Locate the deep water and you will locate the smallmouth bass.

beautiful girls bass fishingBass fishing is so popular these days, even women and girls are getting involved in the sport. Every time I go out fishing, I will occasionally see a beautiful girl bass fishing. It's great to see more girls participating in the sport. Even now there are females were they compete as professional bass fisherman, now is that cool or what. Even my own girlfriend, bass fishing is one of her favorite hobbies to do now. A hobby like bass fishing is so great because it's affordable and consists of never ending fun.

smallmouth bass fish picturesThe Gasper River is sought out for its healthy bass fishing. What helps the smallmouth bass breed so good in the river is the excellent habitat. Filled with stream drops, rock gardens, islands and plunge pools. You can ask for a better habitat for smallmouth bass. A prime spot to fish the Gasper River are near the Ky. 1083 bridge, purple soft plastic jerkbaits work great in this location for smallmouth bass.