wiper bass huntington north reservoirMultiple 5 pound wiper bass have been caught at Huntington North Reservoir in Utah. Fishermen are also catching rainbow trout and largemouth bass, but the big surprise were the size of the wipers. Two big wiper bass were caught that measured over 20 inches and 5 pounds. The fishing report claims that these fish are being caught using crankbaits, spinnerbaits or jigs from the shore or boat along the dam. So if you're looking to do some bass fishing, get out to Huntington North Reservoir in Utah.

florida bass fingerlings

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources has released a total of 49,592 Florida largemouth bass fingerlings in the Pascagoula, Tchoutacabouffa and Jordan rivers. MDMR claims this will increase the chances of fishermen catching bass, also catching bigger bass. MDMR hopes this will ensure the sustainability of the resource. This special strain of Florida largemouth bass can grow to 3 pounds a year and reach weights over 10 pounds. I'm sure Mississippi fishermen will be smiling ear to ear after hearing this.

florida bass largemouth bassOklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is trying to influence the genetics of state largemouth bass by releasing adult Florida strain bass. They usually stock lakes with 1-2 inch fingerling Florida bass, but because they can't raise enough fingerling bass this year, they will be releasing the retired adult brooders. With the releasing of these adult Florida bass, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation expects fishermen to catch bigger bass. They expect this Florida strain to genetically alter Oklahoma bass and making them grow larger. So you never know, the next record largemouth Bass could come out of Oklahoma.

ohio largemouth bassOhio Division of Wildlife is trying to help grow trophy largemouth bass within the state with new bass regulations. Over the years bass regulations have been relaxed, with the new rules they expect to protect bass and allow them to grow. The "15, 2-and-2" rule allows anglers to keep four bass, but two must be shorter than 15 inches and two need to be 15 inches or longer. The most radical regulation is a "super slot" establishing a 14- to 20-inch slot limit at 11 Ohio lakes and the many ponds and lakes on sprawling All American Electric Power lands in southern Ohio. Fishermen are allowed to keep only three bass per day. Two bass must be less than 14 inches and one must be 20 inches or larger. The "super slot" is also in place at Wingfoot, Long, Guilford and Spencer lakes in Northeast Ohio.