huge smallmouth bassIt seems as though each year, the smallmouth bass are getting bigger out on Lake St. Clair. It's not surprising since Michigan is home to some really huge smallmouth bass. In 2012 I caught two four pound smallmouth bass, one which you can see here in the photo. Then in 2013, last year I caught my first five pound smallmouth bass. It's absolutely incredible how big the smallmouth bass can get. I'm hoping this year, I'll be able to catch a six pound smallmouth bass. I just have to make sure I get out fishing more this year, compared to last year. My chances will definitely increase if I fish more often. I really can't wait, so far it's been a long winter.

smallmouth bass lake st clairBig smallmouth bass like these are dime a dozen from Lake St. Clair, a lake that was once described as the number one bass fishing lake in the United States from Bassmasters magazine. Fishermen can catch smallmouth bass that average 2-3 pounds from Lake St. Clair. The reason these fish get so big, are the gobies that supply the fish's food source. It's absolutely incredible how big smallmouth bass can get with a good food source. Lake Erie, which is also located in Michigan, is home to some really good smallmouth bass fishing as well. I highly recommend trying both Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie, if you're looking to do some smallmouth bass fishing this year in 2014.

record largemouth bass pickwick lakeLance Walker caught this amazing record size bass from Pickwick Lake. There were rumors circulating that the fish weighed 16 plus pounds, however those were rumors were wrong, after the truth came out that the fish weighed in at 14.58 pounds with a certified scale. So even though some thought this would be the new state record for Tennessee, it's a great thing Lance Walker decided to throw the fish back into Pickwick Lake. He was close, but the fish only weighed 14 pounds and 8 ounces. Walker caught the monster bass in 12 feet of water, he thought it might have been a catfish or drum, the way the fish turned in the water, however when he saw the fish surface, he knew it was a 10 pound plus largemouth bass. Even though this wasn't the new state record, it has gone down in the history books as one hell of a fish. To this day, the fish may be swimming around in Pickwick Lake.

world record smallmouth bassA blast from the past, David Hayes caught this world record smallmouth bass at Dale Hollow Lake in 1955. Some say this world record smallmouth bass will never be broken. However there have been some smallmouth bass that have been caught and might reach this record status. But the problem is many fish die off before they get too big! Some people are still arguing on whether or not David Hayes record so smallmouth bass was caught in Tennessee or Kentucky, there's always some kind of controversy behind these record fish. I guess that's what makes fishing so competitive and fun.

cedar lake record bassBack in 2012, Benny Williams caught this humongous largemouth bass that weighed 14 pounds 12.3 ounces and measured 26 inches in length. The monstrous bass ended up taking the number one spot for largemouth bass in Oklahoma. Benny Williams caught the record largemouth bass on a 1/4 ounce Striker King jig at Cedar Lake. Cedar Lake is host to some really large bass, so it's really not prizing that a state record came from the lake. It's only a matter of time till this new record is broken by another angler that loves to bass fish.

giant largemouth bassGiant bass like these are once-in-a-lifetime catches. The biggest largemouth Bass I ever caught was around eight pounds, nowhere near the size of this giant largemouth bass that probably weighed around 20 pounds. Imagine how heavy this fish felt at the end of the fisherman's line, it probably felt like he had a bowling ball at the end of his line. Just an incredible beautiful fish, I think this is definitely a record, for which state I'm not quite sure. Giant bass like these probably eat bluegill and sunfish by the dozens.

dworshak reservoir smallmouth bassDworshak Reservoir, is host to some really big smallmouth bass. Resting 1,480 feet above sea level, the reservoir has a capacity of 19,824 surface acres at full pool with 183 miles of shoreline. So imagine how many smallmouth bass lie within this body of water, some of them reach magnificent weight, like this 9 pound 11.5 ounce bass caught by Dan Steigers. What an incredible fish, I bet you that big old smallmouth bass gave Dan a good run for his money. Smallmouth bass are incredible fighters for such a small fish, while this one isn't very small lol, on average they rank around 2 to 3 pounds and some lakes, sometimes smaller.

washington record largemouth bassSome fishermen claim this huge largemouth seen in this photo is the true Washington state record largemouth bass. The fisherman who caught this record size bass, decided to throw it back to keep the good gene pool going, as it is the right thing to do. A lot more fishermen these days are practicing a catch and release motto for bass fishing. The problem comes when the fish could actually be a new record breaker, I think it is up to the fisherman who catches the fish, they have the right to keep it or throw it back. That sure was one beautiful largemouth bass, I just hope he measured it, so if you get a replica mount of the fish.

sunfish picturesA recent study conducted by the University of Illinois found that longer catch-and-release fishing seasons can give bass predators the perfect opportunity consume their offspring. The time spent away from the nest during a catch and release event creates subsequent exhaustion for the male guardians who help the survival of embryos. Panfish such as bluegill, pumpkinseed, and rock bass sneak into weed beds and eat the young bass eggs. The female just lays her eggs and leaves it up to the male bass to defend the nest from predators. This type of negative impact, if thoroughly investigated, may change fishing seasons for bass.

delaware river striped bassThe warmer weather, striped bass are starting to migrate up the Delaware River. This past Friday, water temperatures were about 45 degrees in the Delaware River. As soon as the water hits 50-52 degrees, the fish will really be moving in. Once the water temperatures raise, female striped bass will be laying eggs while the male striped bass fertilize them. Some fishermen claim this is one of the best times to catch really big striped bass. But just be aware of the fishing seasons surrounding striped bass, during the time of spawn, it is a catch and release season.