big bass new orleansJoseph Finger holds up a 4.59-pound bass from the 67th annual City Park Big Bass Fishing Rodeo and Fishtival this past Saturday in New Orleans. The young fisherman caught it on a Rat-L-Trap on the Bayou St. John. It was quite a joyful festival, this was the first year the fishing rodeo had a division for boaters on the Bayou St. John. The free Fishtival featured live music, a children's area with casting lessons, a fishing gear raffle and educational displays.

bass pro shops tacomaBass Pro Shops is coming to Tacoma Washington, replacing the Lowe's building in South Tacoma, visible from I-5. Now hunters and fishermen will be able to pick up their favorite fishing lures and hunting equipment for their hobby. This bass Pro shops will become a new tourist magnet for the state. The 142,000-square-foot Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World store will open in late September or early October. The company spokeswoman for the Tacoma store said she expects to draw in outdoorsmen customers from a wider radius than normal Bass Pro Shops stores. The multimillion dollar chain will compete with its nearest competitor Cabelas, in the Northwest part of the state.

smallmouth bass trail creekGreg Miller of Michigan City holds up this beautiful smallmouth bass from Trail Creek. Trail Creek is a stream known for good trout and salmon fishing, but occasionally you'll reel in a nice size smallmouth bass. You can catch smallmouth bass up to six pounds all year round. The only drawback is there's a lot of traffic from pleasure boaters and salmon anglers. However you can easily adjust to that by finding your favorite fishing spot on Trail Creek. You can even catch spotted bass in Trail Creek. Water depths can range up to 20 feet of water, so you might have to use a nice size jig head to get to these big smallies. Many bass fishermen use a Senko stickworm along the shoreline, keying on the steel walls.

smallmouth bass potholes released their list of the best bass lakes in the United States, believe it or not Washington had a few lakes that made the list. Here are five a lakes that made it on the list, Clear Lake, one of the smaller lakes that are good for bass. Lake Chelan, which is a blast for smallmouth bass at the lower end of the lake. Then there's Long Lake, which is open all year round for some of the best bass fishing and in the state. Moses Lake is an all-around good lake for both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Riffe Lake is great for South Sound residents, that produce some nice size bass.

world record spotted bassThis is Keith Bryan's world record 10.48 pound spotted bass he caught from New Melones Lake in Northern California. He caught the monster bass while fishing in the California Tournament Trail Pro-Am tournament. It's become one of the most memorable moments for anglers. This fish ended up helping him take the lead in the bass tournament with a day one weight of 21.39 pounds. Officially Bryan's bass has been recorded by the IGFA as the world record spotted bass. Bryan caught the bass on a a wacky rigged green pumpkin purple and copper flake five-inch Gary Yamamoto Senko.

paul mueller record bassPaul Mueller has set a new record for the biggest five fish limit in Bassmaster Classic history. His sack of bass weighed an incredible 32 pounds 3 ounces, but even though this is a new record, Paul Mueller still came in fifth place at the Bassmaster Classic. Mueller holds up the five bass from the Bassmaster Classic, the bass have some ridiculous size to them. This photo will go down in Bassmaster history.

record largemouth bass cedar lakeDale Miller of Panama caught this record largemouth bass last year on March 23rd. Supposedly this was the second time Cedar Lake had produced a record largemouth in the month of March. So the question arises, will Cedar Lake produce another state record for a third consecutive year? Dale Miller's bass currently claims the first place record at 14 pounds 12.3 ounces, it's going to take a really large bass beat that monster. The Florida strain of largemouth bass that have been stocked over the years now have the size to set set state records. I can't wait to see how big of bass come out of the lake this spring, I guarantee there will be quite a few ten pounders.

bass fishing lake keoweeUniversity of Minnesota has recently won the 2014 FLW College National Championship this past weekend. Originally University of Louisiana-Monroe team were picked to win, however on the second day, University of Minnesota was moving up the ranks and then they caught a 14 pound largemouth bass. That huge bass ended up claiming their victory by a margin of more than three pounds. They walked away with a first place prize of $30,000 and a new fully rigged Ranger Z117 bass boat for their team.

Austin Felix and Chris Burgan are holding up their winning bass from the FLW tournament. Austin Felix has been battling chronic Lyme disease and recently wound up in the ER because he had a horrible reaction to his meds. So it's just great that Felix, still battling through a debilitating disease like Lyme, was still able to pull off the big win. Lyme disease is a growing epidemic, 300,000 are diagnosed each year. There is still no cure and even treatment is very limited. I'm dealing with it as well, it's very painful! Bass fishermen are more susceptible to getting the disease due to being outdoors where ticks can bite them. So be very careful if you're out fishing quite a bit.

grand lake extravaganzaMan oh man, if only I lived in the state of Oklahoma. Starting April 1st there will be a Grand Lake Extravaganza, where fishermen will have the opportunity to catch bass and earn money. Grand Lake Association is sponsoring the event, unlike standard bass tournaments, fish will be tagged for money. So it doesn't matter how good of fisherman you are, it matters what bass you catch, it's kind of like the lottery. For only $20, anyone can get a chance to compete in the Grand Lake Extravaganza. You can register at or local bait and tackle shops in the Grand Lake area. There is however a 30,000 limit of fishermen to register. Believe it or not, one bass will be tagged in the lake that is worth $250,000, now would that be nice or what? You can buy a brand-new boat and house with that money! There will be other bass tagged with prize money ranging from $50,000 to $50. The amount will not be tagged on the fish, you have to enter the tag number online to see what you have won.

white bass caught mountain fork riverThis fisherman from Tulsa caught this nice size white bass while fishing Mountain Fork River on a Thursday afternoon. The white bass, which some northern fishermen call silver bass, are starting to bite like crazy on Mountain Fork River. They have traveled up the river from reservoirs to spawn. There's been cold, hot, and cold weather. However the white bass are starting to run. They always tend to be grouped up, chances are if you catch one, you'll catch another. They are not only it aggressive fighters, but they are good to eat, and great type of fishing for youngsters and amateur fishermen. Mountain Fork River has always good white bass fishing every spring year.

oklahoma white bass