The silver bass are starting to bite in the Detroit River. I caught one and missed another, but honestly we're over there for only an hour or so. If you can locate a school of fish, I guarantee you can catch bucket loads of these silver bass on the Detroit River. We actually went over to the Detroit River, to test your luck for walleye, however the walleye didn't seem to be biting much.

Might I add though, we did get over to the Detroit River rather late in the day. I guarantee if little woke up early, we would've definitely caught some nice size walleye. But honestly I hate waking up early for fishing.

After the short fishing trip on the Detroit River, we headed over to the Grosse Pointe Little Club to fish for smallmouth bass along the break wall. This always seems to be a good spot for smallies. We nailed a few, then decided to do some trolling. We caught a few more smallmouth bass, a nice size 4 pounder, then called it a day! It's always a privilege fishing Lake St. Clair in the Detroit River, even if we didn't catch much on the river, there's such beautiful scenery over on the Detroit River.