You definitely can't count out other crankbait brands such as Smithwick. Smithwick crankbaits have been found to work great on northern pike and walleye, but don't underestimate them for big bass in a local lake near you. A Smithwick crankbait such as the Perfect 10 Rogue features a highly efficient design with an elongatedbody, giving off more flash and delivering more erratic action than a standard crankbait. Big largemouth bass can't resist the Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogue. It can be really exciting using Smithwick crankbaits, using them in many different fishing techniques such as the stop and go retrieve, a jerking technique, or popping them on the surface. You'll find that they can be a great addition to your tackle box, almost completing your collection of fishing lures, but we all know you can never have enough tackle with all the great new baits coming out today.

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